Tiger and Tea is a colorful and eclectic brand created by Australian Graphic Designer and Artist, Antonia (Ani) Stevenson.


"I've always had a passion for illustration and design. Art was my obsession from a young age, and after studying graphic design and working in the industry as a Digital Designer and Art Director for over 10 years, I knew one day I wanted to start something of my own.”

Creative and comfortable spaces have also been a big part of Ani’s life. “Growing up as a neurodivergent kid meant that my room was my safe space. A place where you could create your own little world. This ignited my passion for home decoration and interior spaces. Having a comfortable and unique space, be it at the office or at home, can make such a difference in your outlook, mood and creativity.”

In 2015 Ani was diagnosed with a neurological condition that affected her balance and nervous system. After some challenging years, and eventually learning to navigate this new normal, she knew she had to take a big risk to reach her goals. 

In 2018, Ani decided to venture out, pack up, and move to New York. "I thought, what better place to start the business I'd always dreamed of." From her passions of art and interiors, Tiger and Tea was born.

Tiger and Tea is home to Ani’s artistic creations, featuring her love for travel, nature, food and pop culture in high-quality Giclée art prints. 



"Coming from a Graphic design background, I love to design/paint/draw digitally and traditionally. One day I might jump on my iPad, the next pull out the gouache paint and pencils. It really depends on my mood!" “I’m particularly drawn to working with color. I adore eclectic Scandinavian and Japanese design, and regularly try to incorporate themes like travel, nature or food into my work.” 

The site also features handmade and curated homewares, interior pieces, apparel, and accessories which are either designed/made in-studio or sourced from other like-minded creatives from around the globe.

Many of the items are made to order, which means less waste and less environmental impact.

Your support for T&T, a small female run business truly means the world!